çatı kaplama levhalar çelik

  • Ahşap Tipi Çelik Kiremit Çatı Levhaları Galvalume Taş Kaplı Fayans

    1. Fire-Resistance: Both AL-Zinc steel and the stone chips are non-organic materials,they are natural and proved Non combustible. 2. Premium Performance in Earthquake: Stone-coated metal roofs are light and strong,they won''t easily cause damages to the understructures of the buildings in earthquakes. 3. Snow-resistance Weight Bearing Anti-sliding: Stone-coated metal roof is charicterised with snow-resistance,weight bearing and anti-sliding,and thus problems in the freezing areas can''t be worried. 4. Wind Resistance: Scientific interlocking system design and proved installation techniques gurantee the roofing system more safety in the storms,cloudbursts and hurricanes. 5. Waterproof: The roof is not noisy,and often much quieter than the asphalt shingle roof or a heavy traditional wood shake roof. There won''t be any leakages in the storms,and the roof is washed and appears as if it was newly reinstalled. 6. Safety in Lightening: There is no increase in the likelihood of being struck by lightning.In case the lightning does strike,the energy safely dissipates and exits into the ground. 7. HailStone Resistance: The stone-coated metal roof tiles are proved to bear the hailstones without causing damages.

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